Adeje ‘Happy Streets’ – allows tourists to book a range events on-line

As part of their presentation at Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair, the Adeje council through the Costa Adeje Brand, launched the Happy Streets booking concept allowing people to buy a huge range of tickets for different events on one webpage.

Under the tagline, “Wherever you look, 360º of fun” the council detailed the creation of a web platform allowing visitors to look for information on events and book directly. The activites are both public (Council organised) and private and include cultural, music, sports and social happenings. The platform sees the Costa Adeje brand working with private institutions such as Siam Park, Hard Rock Hotel, Fara Producciones, Monkey Beach, La Terrazza del Mare, Le Club and Creventy.

“For us it is very clear that what is increasingly important and what is the main challenge for us is meeting the needs of a diversity of tourists, and coming up with a leisure offer to meet all needs and expectations”, said the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who has been attending Fitur with the borough tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira.

Events detailed online include The Passion (the Good Friday street theatre on the town’s Calle Grande every Easter), concerts in Siam Park, the Children of the 80s gigs in the Hard Rock Hotel and happenings in popular night-time venues such as Monkey Club, Terrazza del Mare and Le Club. “We are offering different activities for all kinds of visitors, from those who are travelling alone or with a partner to families with children of all ages”, commented the tourism councillor.

Under the Happy Streets label visitors can chose the kind of event they are interested in. By visiting and clicking on the Happy Streets option they will have a menu to choose from, and can view the calendar of events planned throughout the year as well as buying tickets where and when they wish to.

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Weather 19th January 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

The morning is the brightest we have had for a few days. The sky is clear it is 18°C, quite cool considering the time, almost 9.30am, but the sun is shining and it looks as if it is setting up to be a good day.

It took until gone 11.00 yesterday for a very weak sun to break through the thick cloud. Shade temperatures hung around the 22°C mark but if you found a sunny spot for reading the book it felt comfortable. It finally got to what we think of as ‘normal’ around 4.30pm when the sun sparkled off the sea and there were only a few clouds in the sky. Having said that we ate in Los Cristianos with friends and the night was cold, even as visitors they like us were well wrapped up.

While I was saying yesterday, I think, that we had not been aware of any bad weather that was only in this area. The strong waves that swept the coast of Candelaria caused serious damage to the municipal pool which was scheduled to open on 6th February after its annual winter closure and beaches in La Orotava were closed. (Images from various Spanish language newspapers). While the big waves may look spectacular people should never forget just how dangerous they are and keep their distance as they can quickly and easily be be swept out to sea if they get too close. The warnings ARE STILL IN PLACE, in the north and east of the island.


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Video taken from the free train to Loro Parque

I assume this was taken during the Christmas season as there are poinsettias decorating the roadside and plenty of folks in long sleeves but where are the holiday makers it looks very quiet for the time of year.

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