Pillows with heart

The Programa de Formación en Alternancia con el Empleo (PFAE) Textilaria de Candelaria has collaborated with the “Micky Project: Pillows with Heart”, carried out by the Association of Women Affected by Breast Cancer of Tenerife (AMATE) to support the people who fight every day against this disease.

Taking into account the voluntary and altruistic nature of this initiative, the PFAE Textilaria received an informative talk about the prevention of breast cancer and a heart pillows workshop. The students of (PFAE) Textilaria not only put their knowledge into practice, but contributed with action so that patients who are currently going through the oncological process can benefit.

Image Sol Del Sur Tenerife

The promoters of this initiative highlight that heart-shaped pillows are very useful to people who have had breast cancer operations because the heart shape fits perfectly in the armpit, so that it decreases the pressure of the arm against the side and relieves the discomfort of the scar, arm and shoulder.

The pillow, was initially designed in the USA, and reproduced in Spain by María José Loly Cooman (Micky). AMATE decided to export the idea to Tenerife and make the heart shaped pillow in a clothing workshop carried out by a team of volunteers.

The pillows are delivered, free of charge, to the hospitals of the Island for people who need them.

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Weather 18th June 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

The morning has started cloudy and dull. When we went for our walk there was unbroken cloud as far as the eye could see. It has now started to break a little but the sun is not shining and the air feels heavy and damp as if we could get some rain. Heat-wise it is on the cool side at just 16°C.

It is amazing living on an island of contrasts where the weather changes are so great not just daily but in the same day. Yesterday I read that there was heavy rain in parts of the north. Dozens of people were affected when flights from Los Rodeos airport, were delayed, detoured or cancellations due to the bad weather

Yet Puerto de la Cruz remained sunny, while here in the south it was glorious with temperatures once again hitting 30°C. Unfortunately by 5.00pm the clouds rolled in although temperatures didn’t drop that far and ended up at 9.00pm still being 26°C.

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Celebrate San Juan on Fañabe beach!

Playa Fañabé is getting ready for the shortest night of the year! On June 23rd people will come to the beach to celebrate the night of the San Juan bonfires, which is traditionally seen as the night marking the beginning of summer and seasonal activities.

To celebrate the night the Adeje tourism department, under councillor Ermitas Moreira García, and the Happy Streets banner, are organising events on Fañabé beach. A specially designed and built wooden sculpture by Italian artist Luigi Stinga, will go up in flames, inviting all to ponder the fragility of life!

The celebrations will start at 7.30pm with live music and much more during the evening with the bonfires lit at 10pm.

If people want to hold their own bonfire celebrations they do need to apply for permission using the form that can be downloaded from the Adeje webpage, www.adeje.es  and filled in and presented at the citizens’ bureau beside the Town Hall on the Calle Grande.   If the bonfire is to be in a public coastal area they will also need to apply for authorisation from the provincial coastal department, which can also be done via the council.

The council urges members of the public to take all the required safety precautions and collaborate with the authorities to avoid any problems, injury or damage to the environment.


For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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