Weather 12th October 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

According to the State Meteorological Agency forecast during the early hours of Monday October 15th storm Leslie COULD enter our area mainly affecting the westernmost islands of the archipelago with winds of up to force 8-9 and very rough seas of around 4m. At the moment there is still uncertainty as the trajectory is changing quickly so for those concerned it is recommended to consult Aemet updates from Sunday as that is when the storm will be at its nearest to us (unless it changes direction again).

The two images below are quite good as, if you look closely, you can see our position.  In the first there is a lot of detail.  The second just colour without a key. But  I assume if like other weather charts that green means very little to worry about, then for the most part we are in the green.

Friday and it is a very still and calm morning, the sky overhead is cloudless but there is a thin line of cloud on the horizon and it is warm at 24°C.

Thursday was also warm although there were a few cloudy intervals none lasted long and temperatures were in the mid 20s. We were out with friends last night and even sitting outside up in the hills there was still no need for arms to be covered. When we arrived home and just before going to bed, on checking at 1.30am it was it was still 23°C

For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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