Interpretive routes of Santa Cruz

A programme of new routes will take place in the coming weeks where visitors can learn the reality of the island through its heritage and archaeology.

Those interested in participating or seeking more information can do so by email HERE or by phone 691434869, from 9.00 / 13.00 Monday to Friday. Registration is free but places are limited

The planned routes are:

  • Taganana (Saturday, October 20) Visit by the old Camino Real the town at the centre of the Anaga rural park, see its places of interest, historical, ethnographic, botanical and archaeological
  • Discovering the first theatre of the Canary Islands, the Guimerá (Saturday, October 27). View of the interior and the machinery and props that have been preserved.
  • Santa Cruz hidden and mysterious (Friday, November 2) Participants during this route will discover Santa Cruz its hidden history, wrapped in mystery, legends and unexplainable facts.
  • Women’s struggle on roads and markets (Saturday, November 10) Route to publicise the old trades that were reserved for women chicharreras: gangocheras, aguadoras, lecheras and marchantas.
  • Stories and anecdotes of the religious heritage of Santa Cruz (Saturday, November 17) History told through real experiences and attractive anecdotes.
  • Hotels for a neighbourhood (Saturday, November 24) Participants will learn about the evolution of the style, the creation of the environment, the renovated Plaza de los Patos and the most emblematic buildings.
  • The tobacco factories of Santa Cruz (Saturday, December 1) A walk through the tobacco factories that are still standing revealing the importance of tobacco to the island since it was discovered in America.
  • A family park (Sunday 9 and 16) In a fun way families (not a route for children but for families) will discover the natural heritage and works of art that are located in García Sanabria Park.
  • Route of the plague (Saturday, December 15) through the main civil and religious buildings participants can learn about in the episodes of the epidemics in the history of Santa Cruz.
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