Two girls saved from drowning

Lifeguards in Tenerife saved the lives of two girls aged 4 and 8 from the sea at Playa de La Arena.

“These are two cases of obvious negligence said” the coordinator of the lifeguard service of the municipality, Adolfo García Jiménez.

The first occurred last Friday when a French minor aged 8 years,  jumped into the sea from the rocks as the red flag waved due to strong waves. “When we got to the scene the waves were beating with force, but the mother at the top of the rocks laughed,” says Adolfo Garcia. “The girl, was in a state of panic and being sucked by the current. The worst thing is that previously they had been warned, but once we got them out of the water, the father blamed us” said Garcia.

The second case occurred on Monday at the same point on the coast this time with a 4 year old girl,from Poland. “The little one was alone on the shore of Playa la Arena and a wave dragged her out to sea and quickly pushed her away from the shore. Once rescued the girl, in shock, was crying inconsolably and when her parents were found both the father and mother were sleeping on their stomachs on sun loungers, about 60 meters away. “They were unaware that a few minutes earlier their daughter almost died from drowning!” exclaims Garcia.

In a single day, the lifeguards of this municipality intervened in five rescues, of which four were minors. In all cases, the red flag waved as a warning of strong currents. “After the episode of the French girl, three teenagers between 14 and 16 years were thrown in the water, ignoring all the warning signs,” said García.

Adolfo García is responsible for the surveillance of Playa de la Arena, Playa de los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago and the coast of Santiago del Teide, and says there is an upturn in young people who ingest alcohol from early morning, it emboldens them and they put their lives in danger when entering the water.

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