Arona – Collection of Garbage

In the last three years, Arona has regularized its waste collection service. They have increased the workforce by 48 people, modernized the technical means of collection, increased the number and location points of bins and containers as well as street cleaning where periodic ‘extraordinary clean-ups’ have been carried out.

Until now, Arona had a service to collect household goods and equipment, but only on demand. A new system  “Arona + Limpia”  includes schedules and specific days, so people can leave their belongings to be collected on the days marked for their location.

The schedule is

Mondays – Arona Casco, Valle San Lorenzo and Cabo Blanco.
Tuesdays – Buzanada, Chayofa and La Camella,
Wednesdays – Guaza, Las Galletas, El Fraile and Costa del Silencio,
Thursdays – Guargacho, La Estrella and Las Rosas
Fridays – Las Américas and Los Cristianos.
Days for collection in smaller areas will be those that correspond to the town for which they are part.

The campaign “Arona + Limpia” consists of the placement of informative material by the containers themselves with essential information both on the use of each container as well as the days to leave belongings in each zone.

Framed in the program “Arona, we take care of you”, the council has taken the initiative to campaign for awareness among children and youth with “My school recycles” as well as involve citizens themselves in the care and respect of their environment with the aim of collecting the feceas of dogs by their owners.

In addition, a travelling exhibition will visit the areas of the municipality with a greater influx of people to physically show the amount of waste that is collected in a day outside the containers, especially household goods. This will be accompanied by a stand in which two environmental educators will carry out information and awareness tasks.

The mayor José Julián Mena, explained that “although there is still a long way to go, the waste collection service has undergone a great improvement in the last three years, but to move forward, we must involve the local population in the care of the environment.

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