Arona unlocks El Mojón Partial Plan after 25 years.

Up to three public parks, in addition to other public spaces, cultural and educational will be available in El Mojón area for the citizens of Arona as a consequence of the obligatory land assignments.

Image Diario de Avisos

Probably the most strategic urban area of the Canary Islands will soon be able to start its development after more than two decades of paralysis that have stopped the start-up of large investments, the construction of high quality residential and commercial projects, new infrastructure, hotels, and both direct and indirect employment.

The joint work of Arona Town Planning Department and the Compensation Board – of which it is a part – has made it possible to unblock the El Mojón Partial Plan, which is already working on the execution of large public spaces, and the request for building permits can soon be processed, and carried out simultaneously. To all this we must add the private investment that is already choosing the municipality to develop their projects.

Mena: “The advance of Arona has no reverse”

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, announced today that “this will be an excellent week for the municipality from an urbanistic point of view. The government is fulfilling what it has promised and what it was chosen for.” Mena added that “El Mojón will change Arona, giving our residents the public spaces appropriate for the 21st century, and the municipality we have always wanted”. The mayor continued “it has been almost three years of intense, serious and rigorous work by the Dept of Urbanism that has allowed us to restore the confidence of investors and guarantee legal security.

Luis García: the councilor of Urbanism said “After many meetings and a lot of work, a historic milestone has been achieved for Arona and the south of Tenerife, with enormous potential that will have an impact on the economy and development of the whole Island. ”

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2 Responses to Arona unlocks El Mojón Partial Plan after 25 years.

  1. Good news!! At last….. better to fill in this large gap than use up more of the naturally undeveloped area.

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