Weather 14th March 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

Despite it being early, the weather is nowhere near as good as this time yesterday 😦 The sky is grey and it feels as though rain is in the air, and although my thermometer is showing 16°C it feels a lot cooler. The good news is that Aemet does not expect storm Gisele that is forming over the Atlantic to affect the Canary Islands. They are predicting cloudy intervals mainly in the north of the island for the next 3 days (although we seem to be having our share today) and there could be rain by Friday.

Yesterday was lovely, with temperatures up in the mid 20s until early evening when some grey clouds came down from the mountains and temperatures dropped to 20°C however it was still ideal for the evening walkies.


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2 Responses to Weather 14th March 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

  1. Pauline Wallace says:

    Oh the irony…… we were looking down on your clouds this morning whilst bathed in glorious sunshine up here in the mountains… what a change as we are normally the ones in the clouds while you get the sun down there. It took a while to clear but we got a beautiful day all day without clouds for a change….

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