Cabildo plans to improve the promenade between the beaches of Los Cristianos and Los Tarajales

The Cabildo has put out for tender the first phase of the construction of the promenade between the beach of Los Cristianos and the beach of Los Tarajales, in the municipality of Arona, that has an anticipated budget of more than 1.6 million euros.

The vice president and insular councilor of Tourism, Alberto Bernabé, highlighted the investment by the Cabildo “is to promote work that has been much in demand by businessmen and residents of the area.” Bernabé, foresees the work beginning in May, and assures that this action “will allow a degraded environment to be recovered, revitalise the shops and provide the town with a seafront in accordance with the quality that we want in our area”.

The work planned has an execution period of eight months, and will create a continuous and accessible pedestrian route that connects calle El Coronel and Avenida Juan Carlos I and include the complete remodeling of the coastal promenade (some 265 meters long). The solution chosen is similar to the one designed for the section of the Los Cristianos promenade recently executed between the Port and the Barranco de Aquilino where pedestrian can stroll along the entire walk and beach without obstacles.

In this way, the Cabildo continues with its commitment to invest in improving public tourism space and in recent weeks has tendered several projects worth more than 12.3 million euros.

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    Wonder if the squatters will be evicted?

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