Campsite in the heart of Las Americas

The following is a letter to the editor of  El Digital Sur. This isn’t something I have seen, although I do know there are lots of caravans around, but I wonder is it a regular occurrence or  just a one off.  What do you think – or know?

 A resident of Los Realejos came to spend a vacation in the South of Tenerife and was amazed to see how the users of caravans park and use the green areas in Las Americas ignoring the regulations.

My name is Tomás Jorge Pérez and I am a resident of Los Realejos, a town where I have lived for 15 years. I was born in La Orotava and spent my adolescence and part of my youth listening to bullshit about the “terrible tourist areas of southern Tenerife”, where Canary Islanders are foreigners, where daily violence and criminality was so high that the political authorities and media had signed a pact of silence to protect the arrival of tourists.

In the last eight years I have spent many weekends in “those terrible areas of the south”. The mythical places such as “Las Américas” and “Las Verónicas” have ceased to be the nuclei of Sodom and Gomorrah and the natural habitat of “Mafias del Este”, to become tourist spaces (with both drawbacks and advantages) similar to any other part of the world, and where the Council has done (and continues) to improve public spaces, investing millions of euros to end the stigma of the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century and I congratulate them, because they are on the right track.

Precisely because I have been one of those thousands of prejudiced people from Tenerife who had their eyes opened and discovered their error by enjoying the “southern environment”, I have taken the liberty of sending this letter as constructive criticism to allow them to continue improving the reality rather than the deformed prejudices.

My wife and I were staying in an apartment in “Parque Santiago I” and every day, from our terrace, we “enjoyed” the daily show offered by the owners and occupants of the caravans that parade in C/ Arenas Blancas, the continuation of Avenida Antonio Domínguez in the direction of the sea.

We noticed how the different owners watch until they could park their vehicle in front of the hotel H10 Conquistador, so that they could have a more comfortable stay. They took out their hammocks, chairs and towels and lay on the lawn, despite the repeated signage that states it is forbidden to step on the grass.

We saw how their pets (“mascot” and a huge “bitch”) made their deposits in the grass and invaded the road, without any leash, much less a muzzle (jumping with impunity over the regulations) surprising and frightening tourists, who tried to avoid this group.

The image is quite shameful and I do not think it contributes much to the facelift that the Council is doing.

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