Weather 13th August 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

I was woken this morning by the birds who broke into a chorus of melodies and another day began. And what a day.  Despite the early hour, the sun was rising in a clear blue sky and it was comfortably warm as we went on our walk. It is one of those days when you feel it is good to be alive.

Yesterday lived up to expectations, miles of blue sky and only a few fluffy clouds to give shade from the strong sun. Temperatures were in the low 30s from mid morning until late evening.

On to next week – According to the forecast, in the south, temperatures could drop ever so slightly to the high 20s with cloudless skies forecast for every day. In the northern resort of Puerto de la Cruz temperatures should be just a degree or two cooler and despite being well into August, the ‘panza de burro’ (grey cloud) is still hanging around and it is expected to be seen at some part of each day.


Puerto de la Cruz

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