Weather 10th August 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

The forecast for today’s weather says mostly cloudy in the morning, then come the afternoon there is a chance of thunderstorms and the wind will be moderate to strong, with gusts up to 80 km/h…. I don’t however think that is our area as the weather charts are showing endless days of sunshine but it could be in some remote area up in the mountains. As I look out of my window what I am actually seeing is weak sunshine, a slight haze and no cloud. Temperatures are still a high 25°C so the calima hasn’t quite gone yet but seems to be on its way out.

Yesterday the sky turned from a dirty brown fog to blue haze and the sun shone brightly giving shade temperatures of 32°C which felt at least 10 degrees warmer once outside. By late afternoon the strong wind that was supposed to be with us didn´t visit Chayofa and the heat was ongoing well into the evening.

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2 Responses to Weather 10th August 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

  1. Pauline Wallace says:

    Well something is changing as it was 33.2c at 10.00am this morning… so getting hot a lot earlier than it has lately. Last evening it hit 40c at 5.00pm with hardly any wind and it didn’t go below 30c all night.. hopefully the end is in sight. It is now 34.0c at 11.00am. Pray for thunderstorms!!

    • Same here Pauline, it would be lovely to have a good storm with lots of lightning, thunder and above all rain. But I think that is just wishful thinking on our part because looking down to the coast, it seems pretty improbably.

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