First documentary on the legend and history of Amaro Pargo

The first film, a documentary that tells both the legend and history of the La Laguna privateer Amaro Pargo, will be released on August 10 on Canarian Television.

The documentary “Amaro Pargo: between legend and history” began on February 15, 2017 and has been produced by JR Producciones has a voiceover by José Luis de Madariaga and aerial images recorded with a drone.

The first film about Amaro Rodríguez Felipe (1678-1747), 52 minutes long, tackles questions about the corsair’s illigitimate son in Havana and whether he actually had a house in Machado (La Esperanza).

The documentary has the support of RTVC and the sponsorship of the municipalities of La Laguna and El Rosario, among others, and has testimonies from Juana Hernández Trujillo, granddaughter of Felipe Trujillo, last inhabitant of “Casa del Pirate”.

The ruins of Casa de Los Mesa, La Miravala and El Burggoñón vineyards in Tegueste and Punta del Hidalgo, the well-known cave of Amaro Pargo, were also filmed in Machado, in the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios.

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