Improvements to TITSA lines in South Tenerife

The Cabildo presented today (24th July) at the Infanta Leonor Auditorium in Los Cristianos, the new services for Titsa’s southern network. The campaign for improvement was launched in 2015, by PACTS a group of anonymous citizens who fought to alleviated the transport problems suffered by the population by increasing frequency and regularity of buses.

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One of the main changes is the connection of the region with Tenerife Sur airport. In this regard, line 450 has been strengthened between the Airport – Los Cristianos and Adeje due to the increase in the number of passengers. The aim is to better serve tourists and also avoid overloading line 111 from Santa Cruz.

At the same time, Titsa improves schedules on the following…

Line 408 connecting Granadilla – San Isidro – Médano, will run from 5:30 to 24:00.

Line 418 which connects Los Cristianos – El Mojon – La Camella – Cabo Blanco – Valle San Lorenzo, will have the same service on weekends as weekdays.

Line 415 which links Golf del Sur, the Airport, Guargacho and El Fraile, and 416 which connects Granadilla – San Miguel – Valle San Lorenzo and Los Cristianos, will run more frequently.

Creation of a new line 424

As of September Titsa will launch a new line 424. The new route includes Los Cristianos – Theme Parks – San Eugenio Alto – Torviscas Alto – Gran Sur and El Duque. The new line will meet the needs of users, especially tourist, to facilitate access between different water parks and commercial areas.

From autumn TITSA plans to increase frequency of other lines in the southern region, to secure the connection with schools etc. these included lines 467, 477 or 471.

Infrastructure improvements

Alongside the expansion of services, TITSA will hold a series of infrastructure improvements. These include the expansion of the office of information and sale in Los Cristianos the future construction of a preferred stop at San Isidro and expansion of the manoeuvring space at Costa Adeje bus station.

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10 Responses to Improvements to TITSA lines in South Tenerife

  1. Patricia Jones says:

    Torviscas Alto is mainly a private area, if tpyou can,t drive you have rely on taxi,s, and the number of different charges are bad, I.e. If .I get taxi from Balcon Atlantico to bbbv bank un San Eugenio, .i can be charged anything from 3.65€_5€ can any one tell me if that’s a kilometer ?

  2. murphz1 says:

    They’ve certainly sorted one of the main problems – Los cris to theme parks and gran sur / fanabe

    Sadly they miss the other one which is golf Del sur to Los Cris / PDLA in the evening / night for a night out

    Crying out for it both ways Visit San blas or the Marina from Los Cris – visit PDLA from the golf.

  3. Donald main says:

    One I would like to a bus from scotch corner to the airport would be good

  4. Iain MacEen says:

    No improvement if you live in San Isidro . They’ve cut the afternoon buses ( 415 and 450) and they’ve cut the morning ( weekend) 415 . Many workers travelung from San Isidro to GDS now have problems.

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