A few snippets of News

Los Lavaderos de Susana restored by young people

Los Silos hosted a presentation of the activities of the Susana Lavaderos Work Camp, which is taking place in the municipality until the end of this month and involves restoring the early 20th century lavaderos in the ravine .

The work, involves 17 young people between the ages of 18 and 30, from Zaragoza, Cantabria, Palencia, Valencia, La Rioja, Madrid, Navarre, Vizcaya, Cáceres, Murcia, Pontevedra and Soria. The main activity is the condition of the laundries and their surroundings. The works are coordinated by a monitor, mason master, and will be performed by young volunteers in two phases. In the first, the repair of the laundries, the conditioning of the railings and the improvement of the access stairs will be realised. The second phase will focus on the conditioning of the environment, involving the removal and elimination of invasive vegetation and cleaning.

Not 1 but 2 failed robberies

In the early hours of yesterday a pair of would be burglars attempted robberies in two companies located in Adeje. They first went to Calle Tinerfe El Grande and forced an iron gate to access the Adeje Polyclinic, broke the lock on the front door in an attempt to take cash. However, they did not achieve their objective. They then moved several meters and tried to force the door of Insular Desguaces and although they broke the lock of the metal door, they did not manage to access the building.

Clinic that was the object of the robbery attempt. FUMERO

In the morning Playa de las Américas police went to the aforementioned buildings to carry out inspections and try to find traces to identify, locate and detain those responsible.

4 years prison sentence sought for homicide in Adeje

The Tenerife District Attorney’s Office is seeking four years imprisonment for the British citizens, GWH and SWH, father and son respectively, for the alleged crime of serious recklessness, by punching a tourist in Costa Adeje. The Public Ministry also asked for €90,000 compensation to be paid to the wife and children of the deceased.

The events occurred at 1:40 am on May 5, 2016 when the victim was in a bar with his wife, both in a drunken state. The alleged aggressors sat down beside him, where a discussion took place and then began to attack each other with fists. The victim fell to the ground, where the two defendants continued to hit him repeatedly and death occurred immediately.

Arona launches awareness campaign to reduce dumping litter on the coast

July 21 an awareness campaign to reduce garbage on the beaches was launched. It will include awareness days cleaning of the coast and seabed, as well as workshops and environmental dynamics that will show the impacts of waste on the environment and marine fauna. It will take place in different beach bars and bathing areas.

The slogan of the campaign is “Mójate por la ambiente! and focuses efforts on promoting the three “Rs”: reduce, reuse and recycle. The objectives of this campaign are to inform the population and users of coastal areas about the importance of reducing waste and to promote more sustainable consumption habits that respect the coastal and marine environment. All information on the different actions and their schedules is available on the website http://www.arona.org.

The Cabildo considers building two viewpoints in Las Carboneras

The AV Tenejía of Las Carboneras has asked the Cabildo of Tenerife to consider creating two viewpoints at the entrance of the town, 20 meters apart, to give a view of the entire Valley of Taborno. The lookouts would located between kilometer 4 and 5 of the highway itself, in the areas known as Lomo La Maderita and Lomo La Higuerita, that could be used as rest areas with a couple of car parking spaces so that visitors can enjoy the spectacular views and the village landscape. The director of Highways Ofelia Manjón agreed the possible viability that exists as long as there are no unforeseen obstacles

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