Weather 17th July 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

My last thoughts yesterday were that the calima seemed to be moving away, but after a hot and sticky night, this is the view (or perhaps that should be lack of view) that I woke up to this morning.

The hot weather warning has been removed from our island although it is still expected to be hot but that is mainly in the highlands and mountains.

Sunday and the yellow warning for high temperatures was removed from some islands and only remained in Tenerife where thermometers exceeded 34 degrees and Gran Canaria where the Aemet station of Valleseco recorded 39.4 degrees at 12.20pm, one of the highest temperatures in the country.

The banning of fires in the mountains due to risk of forest fires also continued.

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2 Responses to Weather 17th July 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

  1. Pauline Wallace says:

    Tell me about it!! 38c up here in the mountains near Taucho, and it’s only 16.00 hrs, normally goes hotter before 19.00 hrs then starts to cool….. thank goodness for AC.

    • Pauline, We don´t have A/C so I’m melting. Friend in UK said he was stripping wallpaper and had the steamer going – I said I would just stand in front of his wall, and the paper would fall off. lol

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