Arona Radio-Taxi offers new App service to its users

App of Radio-Taxi Arona and Pedro Manuel Luis Hernández, president of the Association of Radio-Taxis of Arona.

With this App, users will be able to easily contact a taxi by monitoring their service at all times. The 1Taxi!  app works for iPhone and Android and to download it go HERE

How does it work – by clicking on the upper right of the screen to display the menu. Once the application is started, the users position will appear on the map, with the corresponding address indicated below.

Once the request is accepted, the application will show on Google’s “Street View” so we can visually verify the point where we want our taxi to pick us up.

You can also specify the destination click on that field, through either the map or text.

The application will look for the radio-taxi closest to your position, will assign the service and you will see the location of the vehicle that is coming to pick you up.

1TAXI! Is already in more than 500 municipalities throughout Spain and has more than 60,000 taxis at your disposal!

Not only is it automatically associated with the best and most important radio taxi companies in the 17 Autonomous Communities of Spain if you are in a location where the automatic system cannot assign you a vehicle, 1TAXI! Will give you the contact of the nearest Radio Taxi so you can contact them without having to look for phones or other apps.

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