Arona Farmer’s Market will open its doors in Valle San Lorenzo

The complex which will open later this year is located in Valle San Lorenzo and has space for more than 60 stalls, fully equipped for farmers, artisans, beekeepers, and bakers to carry out their activities, a children’s play area, training room equipped with 20 computers, warehouse and storage and parking for 70 vehicles

Dácil León Reverón highlights the interest already expressed by producers not only of Arona but also those in Fasnia and Santiago del Teide and the north of Tenerife, for having a sales position in the Market.

The Arona Farmer’s Market “was born with the purpose of helping and facilitating producers to sell directly to the consumer, to generate economy and to support the creation of jobs”.

The consumer will also benefit from the start-up of this project “because they will buy directly, eliminating a third party, but also get a much fresher product”, says León Reverón, who adds that “there are many advantages to the opening of this resource “.

The mayor encourages farmers, herders, beekeepers, cheese makers, pastry chefs, and artisans, among others, to participate in this project that is promoted from the local Corporation aronera and register to have one of the 63 authorized sales outlets. Registration is through the Citizen Attention Services (SAC) by phones 922 761 600 (010 if called from the municipality) and 686 761 511, or by email

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