The 1-1-2 Canarias resumes its campaign with the arrival of summer and high temperatures

With the arrival of summer holidays and high temperatures, the Centre for Emergencies and Security (CECOES) 1-1-2, will resume its information campaign on Twitter with the aim that the population are provided with the necessary information to minimize risks during the summer.

Through this medium 1-1-2 Canarias will disseminate measures that must be put into practice before the arrival of episodes of high temperatures. Also in this campaign, the 1-1-2 will broadcast different recommendations to safely enjoy a day at the beach or in the mountains, in order to avoid as many incidents as possible.

In this way, CECOES 1-1-2 aims to make citizens learn to protect themselves and, in case of emergency, to know how to act appropriately. They stress that when calling 1-1-2, it is necessary to state clearly where they are, what has happened, how many people are affected and their state, in order to be able to send, as soon as possible, the Emergency resources most appropriate to each type of incident.

The FRESS112 App, which can be downloaded free on mobile phones, will allow in places with coverage for data exchange, to give the exact location where the incident occurred and even send pictures if CECOES 1-1-2 deem it necessary or text messages for specific groups such as deaf people.

The campaign under the name of # Risk #Verano will be carried out, as in previous editions, through the Twitter profile of the Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (CECOES), @112canarias, which has more than 141,000 followers, thus achieving a possible huge dissemination of its content.

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