Santa Cruz opens the doors of the Casa del Carnaval

Last Wednesday, La Casa del Carnival opened its doors for the world to witness the most important festival of Santa Cruz. There is now space in the capital to experience Carnival throughout the year.

The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, inaugurated the Casa at a ceremony attended by hundreds of people and stressed that it is very difficult to concentrate in a physical space the spirit of a celebration that is open and crowded, “but thanks to the interactive elements and technology it can now be recreated faithfully”.

The 1,052 sq. m. building, is located in el parque del barranco de Santos, and has unique elements and qualities to enhance the chicharrera party as well as promote tourism.

The house has several distinct areas:

  • The centrepiece that greets all visitors will be the Carnival Queen costumes.
  • The permanent exhibition: provides a sensory space flexible enough to accommodate collections of different types, and multimedia resources with colored lights and sounds of the carnival including streamers that invade the central space of the room, resulting in eight independent modules including a ‘video wall’ in which the visitor can experience what is felt in the middle of the celebrations that are held in the santacruceras streets.
  • The multipurpose room: facilitates temporary exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, lectures, or seminars. Even an outdoor space, which will host performances, concerts, costumes etc.
  • The Centre for Documentation and Research of the Heritage of Santa Cruz Carnival is an educational and interactive space, where visitors can sample costumes, masks and wigs, and play musical instruments and experience Carnival in person
  • Cafe and shop.

The Casa is aimed at different audiences, the tourist community, the general public as well as carnival (groups and fans), specialists and researchers, experts, journalists, and students. In addition, from September  it will become a must stop for tourists who decide to visit Santa Cruz on the tourist bus, as there will be a stop in the vicinity of the Barranco de Santos.

Starting tomorrow, La Casa del Carnaval can be visited during the months of July, August and September free of charge, every day of the week, from 09:00 to 19:00. However, with the start of the school year, entry to the museum will cease to be free and will start to charge residents and tourists: €1 and €2-3 respectively. The City Council has also worked with SINPROMI to ensure accessibility of all as well as a personal guide service.

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