Todays Headlines

Dismantled in Tenerife a network that swindled 1/2 million Euros.

Agents of the National Police in Tenerife in a joint operation with the Labour Inspectorate, have detained 14 men of Spanish nationality aged between 30 and 59 years old as well as two women, one Spanish and one Brazilian, 45 and 30 years respectively in Santa Cruz for crimes of continued fraud, documentary misrepresentation and membership of a criminal organization.

False allegations by British tourists multiply 1,400%

The false claims of British tourists for food poisoning suffered during their holidays in the Canaries have multiplied by 1,400 percent in just one year and have caused some hotels to have to pay up to 500,000 euros to deal with complaints. If they are not controlled, they will become a “scourge” for the tourism sector not only in Spain, but also in other European destinations such as Italy, Greece, or Portugal.

Cleaning to prevent forest fires

The Cabildo de Tenerife will spend 664,000 euros to carry out cleaning work in forests to reduce the risk of forest fires, work that has been entrusted to the public company Gesplan, as approved this week by the Governing Council, chaired by Carlos Alonso.

The Civil Guard detains three men accused of various crimes

The Civil Guard have arrested three men 25, 26 and 28 years of age and living in Los Abrigos, Granadilla, and Guargacho respectively, as alleged perpetrators of three crimes.

The events occurred when a patrol of the Civil Guard who were carrying out a verification of people and vehicles in San Miguel, proceeded to stop a vehicle. At that moment, the driver accelerated and tried to run over one of the police, who had to moves quickly not to be hit. Then, the police followed the vehicle, and watched the men throw garbage bags from the car which when later recovered, contained a lot of marijuana. Finally, the agents were able to intercept and arrest these people in an industrial estate at 01.30 am.

Spectacular sports park to go-ahead following agreement

Tenerife Cabildo and La Orotava council have come to an agreement, which will see the construction of a spectacular new sports park at a cost of around one million euros. The project will cover about 6,000 square metres but will sit within a much larger plot of 16,000 square metres that will also be developed in due course. READ MORE HERE

Suspect attacked by chief cop and others

THREE men from Guía de Isora’s Local Police force, the chief and two officers have been convicted of injuring a detainee, although one sentence has been appealed. READ MORE HERE

“The wealth generated by tourism must serve to truly improve the lives of aroneros”

“The wealth generated by tourism must remain in Arona and reduce inequality, stressed José Julián Mena, mayor of Arona. Mena stated, “It has taken a lot of time and effort for companies and institutions to understand that, without sustainability, the tourism industry is not competitive and that, without competitiveness, there is no future for this sector. There is no future for us. CONTINUE READING HERE

Wish to reduce price of flights

Following the announcement of Air Europa to start flying between islands from October, the president of the Cabildo, Carlos Alonso, this Friday expressed his desire that the flights between islands should have a price of ten euros each way for the residents”. The president also pointed out that Air Europa’s base will be in Tenerife, although there will be a “deployment” throughout the Canaries and not only between Tenerife and Gran Canaria, which will be the main route, especially in its first phase.

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