Southern resorts get bad press this weekend

Tourists in Arona, tied to lamp post and bathed in liquor

See a group of tourists in the attached video (sadly they sound like Brits) having a great time in Playa de Las Americas while seeing one of their companions tied to a lamp post. This situation is outrageous, low quality tourism gives the tourist destination in the south a very bad reputation. We would like to know if a tourist can do whatever they want and get away with it in their own country. What would happen if we did this in London, Rome, or Paris?

A stain and garbage floating in the water of Los Tarajales

It is not the first time that the bay of Los Cristianos has been contaminated by faecal waste. By the Hotel Arona Gran and below the beach promenade, there is the pumping station, which is composed of a tank, pump engines and tube that enters the sea at about 90 meters. For some unknown reason, the level of the faecal waters, in the tank, rises and is discharged into the sea. CONTINUE READING

Demolition of abandoned houses of Los Tarajales in Los Cristianos

Ashotel, demanded that the authorities remove the abandoned and unhealthy houses on the Paseo de Los Cristianos, which have become uninhabitable, insecure and where people live in poor conditions. Very close to this abandoned house, 80 people are squatting in the Shopping Centre.

Ashotel considers it urgent that Social Services seek a solution to those who live here and who sometimes rebuke tourists who walk around the area. It is a “pitiful” image for a destination that is sold as safe and first class. Although Ashotel value the measure taken they considers that it is not enough to fence the area, and added that “while entrepreneurs strive to improve their tourist establishments and hotel facilities in Tenerife, which receive more than five million tourists a year, there are those who are not doing their job properly… “.CONTINUE READING

Finally some good news

Canary Islands, 5th tourist destination on social networks for the British

Only New York, Paris, France and Spain surpass the archipelago on Facebook and Twitter according to a survey conducted by UK tour operator First Choice. Three out of ten Brits claim that social networking is their biggest influence when it comes to choosing their next vacation destination. CONTINUE READING

For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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