Weather 9th June 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

INFO: I have decided to close the blog I use for weather updates, there have been several problems adding links from that particular site to Facebook. I don´t know why as it doesn’t happen with the other blogs, and honestly, jumping around between three different blogs is a pain in the backside. I have, therefore, merged two of them into this, the original Queenies Daily Snippets, and trust that going forward everything will work smoothly.

Feeling rather baggy eyed this morning. It was 3.00am when I finally gave up watching the results coming in from the UK Election. Thought I would sleep late but at 7.00am woke to a beautiful morning. The pinkish glow from the sunrise spread across the sky announcing the new day and soon the vibrant summer rays began to warm the air. By 8.00am, temperatures are a pleasant 21°C.

Thursday turned out just like the previous day, by late morning all the clouds had disappeared and we were left with another hot and sunny day.

Enjoy the start to the weekend – Think I might just close my eyes again.

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