Theatre as a learning tool

The Adeje theatre in the Cultural Centre will host the 10th edition of the Theatre event for Special Needs individuals:  “Arcoíris” from Candelaria, “Rosas del Guanche from Arona, “Los Olivos” from Afromje, the “Asociación Orobal” from Los Cristianos, and the people from the Pisada Project (Los Olivos) on Friday June 6th. Entry is free and performances begin at 6pm.

“This is an event unique to Adeje in the Canaries and is something that the people of Adeje now look forward to every year, with the theatre full for each performance”, said the councillor for equality politics Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro. She added, “The event allows us use the theatre as a learning and growth tool as well as valuing the creative side of the members of each centre who have been enthusiastically preparing their shows down to the last detail”.

She said that the high attendance each year was also a motivation for the performers, allowing individuals with diverse functional challenges to develop in line with their artistic leanings. And it is the users of each of the centres who decide which work to adapt and who to cast in each show, working in the direction and production of the staging as well.

In Adeje, 119 persons with special needs use the Los Olivos centre daily, with a further 65 making use of the facilities. The centre works to help individuals in the fields of education, work, social and independent development, to promote autonomy and help people take an active part in the economic, political, cultural and social life of their community.  Work training and job placement is also offered, all part of promoting the rights and liberties of those with special needs and working towards a guarantee of a better quality of life for them and their families.

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