Weather 28th May 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

The start of a new week and the sun is blazing in a totally cloud free sky, and temperatures are already 22°C.

Yesterday, sunshine, cloud, more sunshine, more cloud, a few drops of moisture due to very low cloud but for less than 5 minutes then from lunchtime onward lots more sun. Temperatures never fell below 25°C and there were highs of 29°C in the shade although because we had no breeze it felt hotter. Then on checking the thermometer, which was in full sun at 5.00pm it was showing 37°C.

The forecast for next week is much as it should be for the end of May. The south of the island, Adeje and Arona have sunshine every day with just a hint of cloud and not even a suggestion of rain, while Puerto de la Cruz, not quite as good, still lots of sunshine but a 45/60% chance of showers towards the middle and end of the week.

Arona / Adeje

Puerto de la Cruz



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