Gloria Gaynor, “I’ve wanted to sing in Tenerife for a long time”

In advance of her first ever concert in Tenerife, in the Adeje Las Torres pavilion, Gloria Gaynor, met the press with Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who thanked her for picking Adeje for her first concert in Tenerife.

“For us this is an honour, that an artist of this calibre, who dominated an epoch of musical history, has chosen to come to Adeje for her first ever concert in Tenerife”, said the mayor.  The singer said she had been in the islands on previous occasions but never in Tenerife, adding, “This is special for me and I am very happy to be here”.

Gloria Gaynor was in Tenerife as part of the Legends Live Canarias cycle, performing in Adeje last night (Friday May 26th) and in the Gran Canaria Arena in May 29th.  Throughout her professional career she has sung in over 80 countries and as well as singing is a producer and songwriter, and a Grammy winner.  In 2005 she was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.

During the press conference the artist said she has always had a special relationship with Spain, and became very emotional answering questions about performing in this country, saying “I’m crying because this is a country I love, where I feel the love of the public, it’s marvellous”.  She was also asked where she finds the energy to keep singing and performing, and she said it comes from the audience, adding that she was proud that some of her songs, including the one she said was her personal favourite, I Will Survive, had become anthems for movements such as the LGBIT community.  “I hope through my songs I can transmit hope, courage and inspiration”, she said.

The mayor also referred to the fact that she was much more than a singer, hat she helped many through her charitable work and her music inspired integration, “and integration and equality is something we continue to work for in Adeje, where social harmony is more than a phrase, it is an essential value in our society”.

Finishing the conference, Gloria Gaynor said she would also be promoting her new album, Testimony during her concerts and asked the public to also visit her webpage ( if they wanted to contribute to the charities she supported.

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