What’s happening in Tenerife?

The Ponderosa mades the first complaint in the Islands against poisonings scams.
The Ponderosa hotel is the first in the Islands to sue a client and the law firm that handles these cases who allegedly faked an illness caused by the hotel. As reported in the past, this type of scam is causing serious damage in the sector. READ MORE…

Two policemen prevent a man from throwing himself from a seventh floor in Adeje.
The same agents, just a few days ago, saved the life of a young Russian woman whom her mother held by her hair after jumping from the balcony of her home and a Chinese citizen less than a month ago who threatened to kill himself. READ MORE…

Government uses errors to nullify decree on holiday rental
The Canarian Government will appeal against the decision issued by the High Court of Justice (TSJC) against the decree that regulates vacation rental. Last month, the court ruled to expand the areas, to include tourist areas, in which private letting of residential properties could take place, and for people to be allowed to rent individual rooms. READ MORE…

The Weather Girls, Right Said Fred, Marc Almond, Alicia Ramos and Brutiful will attend the ARN Culture & Business Pride
From Monday 5 to Sunday 11 June. It will be an a typical daytime festival, where from 12.00 in the morning until 9 p.m. in the evening we can enjoy groups that will even play for the first time in the Canaries.  The rhythm and colour will endow the area with the seven colors of the Rainbow flag. Like all other activities, the ARN Music Festival is hetro-friendly and free entry.

Modernisation of Sports Centre
Arona to undertake comprehensive remodeling of the Jesús Domínguez Grillo sports complex in Los Cristianos. The complex, built between 1984 and 1986, is visited by many people each day and used as a training space by teams, both local and national and international. It has many deficiencies and needs a modernisation.

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