Weather 14th May 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

Sunday morning and the village is quiet, unnaturally so. There wasn’t a soul around as we wandered through the dappled shade. Looking down from our walk Los Cristianos is sparkling, the sea is shining and even at this early hour, we took our walk slowly as it is already of 21°C.

Yesterday I thought we were in for a glorious weekend, and there was plenty of blue sky and sunshine however, by mid-afternoon, a chilly edged wind, followed by some black clouds, came down from the mountains. Then at 7.00pm as we headed for our last walk, I checked the thermometer, it was by then in full sun, and showed 30°C.

The forecast for the next seven days looks good. Plenty of sun and just a few cloudy spells here in Arona, while in Puerto de la Cruz it is a similar picture except Thursday is predicted as having some cloudy intervals and a possible 80% chance of rain.

Arona / Adeje

Puerto de la Cruz




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