Who would you leave behind?

Decisions you never want to have to take!
Adeje is taking part in the Cruz Roja campaign on immigration perception

The Adeje council is taking part in a Cruz Roja campaign, “La maleta que más pesa” (the heaviest suitcase). The aim is to make people more aware of migratory movements and develop a more open and empathic attitude towards people who have migrated by getting to know their stories.  The main event will take place on Saturday May 6th in the El Galeón Outlet centre, with a game, The Real Pursuit, which might ask you, hypothetically, to take decisions you never want to have to take!

According to the Red Cross, “by using this game we are working to increase awareness among residents, through listening and learning about personal experiences, real-life stories.  This is part of a long-term global learning strategy which examines all the dimensions of humanity.  What we call learning with ‘body, mind, and soul’.   It is aimed primarily at over 18s with the emphasis on inviting people to take part in the ‘game’ to build a better and more just future”.

Zebenzui Chinea Linares, councillor for resident participation, said, “Adeje has always been known as a borough where solidarity is of primary importance, where everyone who has chosen to make this place their home is one of us.  Today there are people from more than 120 nationalities living in social harmony in Adeje, with no major conflicts or problems.  This positive side of our identity doesn’t, however, mean that we can ignore what is going on elsewhere.  Our sensitivity to immigration issues is practically part of our DNA, as much for those who, in the past, left here in search of a better future as for those who in recent times have come to Adeje looking for work and a better quality of life”.

The councillor explained that “every day we are hearing and reading of dramatic stories concerning migration as a result of wars and conflicts, but there are other migratory stories, perhaps with less coverage, silent stories that are none the less dramatic – people fleeing personal violence, poverty or those simply in search of new opportunities.”  He called on the people of the borough to “make just a bit more effort to raise our awareness a bit more, be active in this regard and be capable of rearing our children to be aware of those less well-off and suffering in other parts of the world…Only by creating solid connections between human beings can we meet head on the challenges of the future with a guarantee that it is people that are, first and foremost, important, and must be of primary concern for governments, businesses, and society in general.

This initiative is being supported by the Adeje department of resident participation and security.  More information is available online on the Adeje webpage, www.adeje.es/participacion and the official campaign page,www.lamaletaquemaspesa.com

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