Weather 28th April 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

I was woken while it was still dark by the rain, it sounded like the heavens were knocking on our roof and windows. I thought about how I had left the cushions out and how sodden they would be then turned over and went back to sleep. Now it is daylight and the sky is grey but there are patches of blue around, the ground is still wet, and I have a whole heap of cushions I need to try to dry out. Fortunately as I type this the sun is trying hard to break through so my fingers are crossed.

After what was IMO a very chilly as well as cloudy morning yesterday, the sun came out and by 1.00, a miserable day had turned into something almost perfect. There was a strongish breeze that kept the heat at bay so although temperatures were in the high 20s it still felt comfortable.

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