Beat Your Holiday Budget Once You Arrive

holiday budget

If you’ve booked a cheap holiday to Tenerife, either through finding a great deal online or through exercising your haggling skills with travel agents or tour operators, congratulations! You’re already well on your way to keeping costs down for your trip. But don’t forget, to really beat the holiday budget and come home without maxing out your credit cards, it pays to be a thrifty traveller! There are loads of ways to enjoy Tenerife without spending much cash, but these are some of the most simple…

Buy Bottled

Sitting in the sun is thirsty work, and staying hydrated is very important to staying safe in the heat of the day. Rather than buying expensive beverages at the beach bar, having a stock of supermarket bottled water on hand is certainly the cheaper option.

Your Holiday Soundtrack

It used to be that everyone would buy a CD for their Discman (remember them?) at the airport before their flight. Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to have iTunes and Spotify, which save space as well as money. Spotify, in particular, is the ideal choice for holidaymakers.

Download the Spotify app to your smartphone, and create yourself a holiday playlist. Be sure to slide the switch to ‘Available Offline’ when you’re in a wifi zone, so it downloads all the tracks to your phone. This means you’ll be able to listen without sapping your precious data allowance, and have as much music to listen to as you like, all within the inexpensive monthly fee.

Getting Around

How do you plan to get around once you arrive? Hiring a car is a less budget-friendly option, so to be avoided unless it’s of particular importance to you. Likewise, taxi cabs can be a little steep, and can also be a bit stressful if you’re contending with a language barrier. Some taxi drivers can be a bit unscrupulous with tourists, too, so be firm and on your guard if you need to get a taxi at any point. By far the cheapest option when it comes to getting around, however, is to take public transport.

holiday-budgetIn the Canary Islands, there is something called a ‘Bono’ card, which offers massive savings on public transport across the islands, somewhere between 30 and 50% off! The Bono bus card can be used by more than one person, and for a total of 18 journeys. Bus lines (‘lineas’ in Spanish) run all over the islands, and are popular with locals and tourists alike. Locals call the busses ‘guaguas’ (pronounced ‘wah-wahs’): a handy tip to know!

Holiday Reading

Work out what books you want to read on your holiday and buy them before you go. The holidaymaker’s best friend is the e-reader, which can save you a lot of space if you’re big on holiday reading. Pick your titles and load up your Kindle before you go, and you won’t be tempted to buy more expensive paperbacks at the airport.

Go Native!

If you plan to enjoy the nightlife in your destination whilst you’re away, then clubs and bars can also be quite expensive. If you happen to be in the Canaries while a fiesta is on, then this can be a much less expensive way to party till dawn, in a more authentic setting, along with the locals. Drinks can be cheaper at these events than you’d expect at a trendy bar or club, and the general ambience can be a lot more enjoyable, too!

A Holiday In Tenerife: Carnaval de Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Holiday Essentials

When it comes to toiletries and sun cream… wait until you get there! A quick trip to the local supermarket once you arrive in your destination will save you a lot of money. Things are likely to be much cheaper in-destination, plus you’ll take a weight off your luggage, which might save you a few quid, too. If you’re really clever, you may be able to get away with just hand luggage, and avoid baggage check-in costs altogether.

Plan Ahead to Beat The Holiday Budget

Finally, if you’re planning on visiting some popular attractions on your holiday, then do your research before your trip. Go online to see if there are any pre-booking discounts, or printable money-off vouchers available. You may be surprised how much you can save on your holiday budget simply by being organised, and planning as much of your trip as possible before you go.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Tenerife on the cheap. This great destination has so much to offer, that keeping within your holiday budget will be as easy as 1… 2… 3!

The above article was originally published in Cheap Holidays Tenerife
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