In the borough of Puerto de la Cruz we find a typical Canary house painted yellow (hence its name) which, at first sight, does not seem very different from many we can find all over the island but that, nevertheless, it has an interesting story, as it was the first centre for primate study in the world.

It started out as the Anthropoid Research Station of Tenerife (EAT) and was active for seven years (1913 to 1920), although research was conducted in this house until 1918, and then moved to the facilities of El Ciprés, in La Orotava.

The project was promoted by the Prussian Academy of Sciences of Berlin and headed by famous researcher Wolfgang Köhler who, as a result of the work conducted in this centre, wrote “The Mentality of Apes”. Today, the house is almost derelict and requires important restoration work.

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