7 differences between South and North Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is an island where it is easy to find in short spaces of land, different microclimates and diverse areas that will make you think you’re completely elsewhere.

Where else can be accentuated this feature of the island of Tenerife, if not by comparing the southern part of the island with the north. From the same road, without leaving your transport and driving down the highway from north to south, you can easily see that it looks like two totally different islands. Here we show the main differences you’ll find in each area.


Playa del Socorro en Los RealejosThe northern area of Tenerife has a much greater wealth of beaches, characterised by volcanic black sand, and where you can find some of the beaches located in the very city of Puerto de la Cruz. And in the surrounding villages, wild beaches with difficult access but the efforts to get there are worth it, as being more hidden, they have a purer nature and far fewer people. The southern part of Tenerife is characterised by white sand beaches, some of them are also very beautiful and worth visiting, and others that are overexploited and overcrowded.


The southern part of the island of Tenerife, especially the part of Los Cristianos and Las Americas is especially crowded with tourists. Walking through its streets may not feel like you’re in Tenerife or Spain, since it will be easy to find everywhere you look numerous advertising signs in English, German, Italian, French and/or Russian. In the north, in places like Puerto de la Cruz, although it will be easy to find many tourists, it is easier to know the culture and people of Tenerife, as there is a symbiosis, where the culture of the place has not been lost, and tourists feel equally comfortable and welcome.


rutas de senderismo en tenerife zona norte

Because the terrain in the north is much more mountainous than in the south and the vegetation more abundant, the north of the island is the temple for tourists who come to Tenerife to enjoy hiking, being able to find a lot various and beautiful paths to enjoy nature in its purest form.


mar de nubes en el teide tubo volcánico

The southern area is a more arid and flat climate that does not allow vegetation that appears throughout the entire north side of Tenerife, where wherever you look, you will always find the characteristic green. A view from some of the viewpoints that can be found around Puerto de la Cruz, will serve to realise the magnitude of the vegetation stretching, over the Orotava Valley.


disfrutando del buen tiempo en el puerto de la cruz tenerife norte

Although in the north of Tenerife, as throughout the island, it is common to enjoy a pleasant climate almost all year, the southern region is characterised by being warmer, mainly because it has less vegetation. But as we noted in our post where we discuss in detail the climate of Puerto de la Cruz, in the city portuense can enjoy an annual average temperature of 20.03° C!


If you come to the island of Tenerife in a party mood, much will depend on the type of party you want, whether the south or the north of Tenerife is recommended. For younger people who want to enjoy parties till early in the morning, possibly the southern region is attractive with the clubs that are there. But also in Puerto de la Cruz, there are several places where you can surround yourself with young people and enjoy good music or even enjoy comic performances with the best humorists of the Canary Islands and Spain. If the nightlife is not your main goal during your stay, but you like local culture and popular festivals, Puerto de la Cruz and the surrounding villages have things every month such as pilgrimages, art festivals in the street such as the MUECA Festival .


Iglesia que ver en el Puerto de la Cruz

With respect to history, there is no doubt that Puerto de la Cruz and surrounding towns have much more to tell than the south of Tenerife. Every street and corner of Puerto de la Cruz has many stories, places and monuments worth visiting, partly because Puerto de la Cruz was the first city of the Canary Islands to develop touristically and has been visited by renowned personalities as the Beatles, Agatha Christie or Alexander von Humboldt (among others).

In summary

We have tried to make a picture as realistic as possible of the various attractions that can be found in the different places of the island of Tenerife, and depending a lot on your tastes and your expectations and objectives during your visit to Tenerife you’ll like to stay in South or North.

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