Weather 17th April 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

I went to bed at just after 1.00am and glanced at the thermometer as I locked the patio door – it was 25°C and I assumed it would be a sleepless night, whether I was tired or it cooled down, I don´t know but I slept right through.  On waking the sky once again is a bit hazy but there is plenty of sun and it is 23°C.

Yesterday was a scorcher – an hour after I posted the weather Jim said phew it’s 27°C – I asked is that in full sun – nope, still in the shade. I think at their peak temperatures were 39°C in the shade but off the scale in full sun. At 7.30 in the evening, the thermometer was still showing 47°C so no walkies, and it is supposed to be spring but certainly feels more like summer. The blossom is out, the sunshine is warmer, and the grass non-existent through lack of rain and temperatures just keep rising.

And just out of interest …



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