Weather 16th April 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

Almost 9.30am and temperatures are already 23°C. It looks like AEMET are right with their prediction for it to be a very hot day. As yet there isn´t much sunshine but what there is, is getting stronger by the minute. There are clouds but nothing heavy, just a chaotic array of white puffy shapes amid the blue. It is certainly brighter than this time yesterday,

Yesterday was hot, mostly 27°C, sticky and murky. For the best part of the day, the sun fought with the cloud. It looked like the beginnings of yet another calima and we had no horizon just a fuzzy line where the sky met the sea. When I swept, the dust from my floor was like fine talcum powder, and it was very slippy to walk on, but I haven’t seen anyone on the internet mention a calima.

The forecast for next week – our area of the south looks wonderful lots of sunshine and if the weatherman says 30°C today, you can guarantee it will be more because they always err on the side of caution.

Puerto de la Cruz their week is starting off similar to the south but come Wednesday they can expect to see some changes with a 55-75% chance of possibly seeing some rain.

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2 Responses to Weather 16th April 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

  1. Scen Terro says:

    Does weather in the area where you live, differs much from weather in Playa de La Arena? That’s where my wife & me will be staying. Thanks!

    • There won´t be much difference, unlike the differences between the north and south of the island. Playa Arena is in the west and generally the weather is good, some days even better than here in the south 🙂 .

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