The App that can save your life

FRESS 112 is a free application for all types of smartphones and tablets, very easy to use that can save your life anywhere in the world.

Imagine that you just had an accident, you’re hurt and there’s no one around who can help you. Just by pressing the icon of the app, FRESS 112 will take note of your location and connect with the emergency service closest to you, who will immediately come to your aid. It does not matter where you are, since the great advantage of this service is that you are located, with the precision of a GPS, from the moment you have touched the call icon.

Clicking on the icon will open four new icons that allow you to interact at all times with the emergency service. You can describe in detail your situation through text messages, photographs and videos.

And if you are in a foreign country and do not know the language, do not worry, since FRESS 112 will automatically translate all your text messages as well as your profile information to the emergency service that will come to your rescue. You will also be able to interact as an incident / accident witness, increasing the information that will optimize the response of the emergency services.

With FRESS 112 you will feel much more relaxed, wherever you are … DOWNLOAD NOW

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2 Responses to The App that can save your life

  1. Val and Emlyn Whiteside and Hickman says:

    Hi – this sounded really useful so I tried to download it to my LG smartphone & got a message saying the app wasn’t compatible with my device!! So much for it being for all types of smartphones [☹]


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