Day trip ideas on Tenerife

For a cheap holiday Tenerife is one of the most rewarding islands when it comes to finding things to do every day. There’s no shortage of excursions and adventures, so get out there and have fun. Here are four ideas to tempt you out of your hotel or resort.

Spend a day at Siam Park

The Thai themed Siam Park has something for everyone – it’s not all for kids and the very young although it’s centred around the massive water slides that provide such thrilling rides. But aside from those obvious attractions, there’s also a floating market styled on a traditional Thai village where you can buy souvenirs as well as snacks and sun cream.

Go stargazing up Mount Teide

Most people visit Mount Teide during the day, and why not because the scenery and panoramic vistas are something else. But why not get a totally different view and take a trip by night, directing your gaze towards the heavens rather than the land? Tenerife is one of the best locations in the world for stargazing thanks to the clear air and lack of light pollution. Guided tours by night that take in the sunset, followed by expert help to map and identify constellations (not to mention having dinner too) make for a magic experience.

Take a private cruise

Whether you’re holidaying as a couple or going away with a party of friends or family, a private boat charter is the ultimate luxury way of taking to the waters and enjoying a life on ocean wave for a few hours. Luxury private charters provide everything you need for a truly pampered experience, including free bars serving champagne and secluded bays in which to swim to soak up the sun. Different operators have their own specialities regarding craft and on-board services, so check with each to be sure you’re getting the level of luxury you’re looking for.

Hire a car and head north (or south)

When you’ve netted a cheap holiday Tenerife has plenty of options you can spend your spare cash on. There’s nothing like getting out and about under your own steam, and hiring a car is the ideal way to do it if you don’t want to be tied down to tour company itineraries and time tables. If you’re down south, head north and vice versa. The difference in landscape and scenery is refreshing and will give you a new perspective on the diversity of Tenerife.

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