Bodegas Viñátigo

Bodegas Viñátigo

I must confess that I have always felt a great admiration for this Tenerife business and wine project, led by the renowned winemaker Mr. Juan Jesús Méndez, who hand in hand with his collaborators, and due to strong determination and constant effort has succeeded turning what was no more than a small family terroir and traditional winery into one of the most outstanding Tenerife wineries of the Canary Islands.

Located in the municipality of La Guancha in the northwest of the island of Tenerife, Viñátigo, was founded as a winery in 1990, with a determined commitment to identify and enhance the value of traditional grape varieties of the Canary Islands, which in many cases and due to the phylloxera that devastated the vineyards of Europe during the XIX century, have been preserved only in these privileged islands in the Atlantic.

With that philosophy the Viñatigo Winery, began to develop mono-varietal wine productions of Listán, Marmajuelo, Gual, Vijariego, Tintilla, Black Baboso. As one of its standards, Viñátigo, has in recent years made a commitment to export, and has to a certain extent lead the launch of a unified Designation of Origin, named: Canary Islands – Volcanic Experience.

But perhaps the best way of getting to know the Viñátigo winery project, (one of the most awarded and internationally recognized winemakers in Tenerife) is by visiting its beautiful wine cellar. A cellar covered in stone and perfectly integrated into the local landscape.

Bodegas Viñatigo is a Tenerife winery, where the latest oenological technology is combined with the best local tradition, producing an exceptional Tenerife quality wine as a result of constant research, through years of passionate micro-wine production of local varieties of grapes in the search for the ultimate in taste, aroma and general wine experience.

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