The Canaries were constantly under the threat of regular attacks of pirates (outlawed seafarers) and corsairs (who plundered ships in the name of their king). The islands were normally stalked by British, French, Dutch and Berber (North African) pirates. But the Canaries had some famous ones of their own. One case is that of Amaro Rodríguez Felipe, better known as Amaro Pargo, who managed to make a name for himself in the Caribbean.

He was born in San Cristóbal de La Laguna and began to sail at a young age. He rapidly became an important seafarer and corsair, with a significant fleet of vessels. He became rich and bought a large quantity of houses in his native city, where he retired during the last years of his life. He was buried in the Convent of Santo Domingo in that same city (his tomb can be visited).

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