The 14 kilometre promenade between Arona and Adeje is ideal for a seaside walk, trying delicious dishes and shopping. Starting nice and early in Los Cristianos, you can have breakfast at any of the beachside cafés (Nauta, Bahía, San Borondón, Metrópolis). The beach of Los Cristianos is excellent for families with children, while those of Las Vistas and El Camisón are also worth visiting. Take note of the Metrópolis zone if you want to surf, it has one of the most sought-after waves of all of Europe. After the swim, it is time to have lunch in La Terraza del Mar, in El Patio (Costa Adeje) or in the district of La Caleta (paellas and fish).

Once in Adeje, the Troya and Bobo beaches are perfect for an afternoon swim. The sunset here is magical, especially in good company, sipping a drink and listening to soft music in one of the ‘in’ places, such as El Papagayo. Unforgettable

First published by Tenerife Express
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