Weather 19th March 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

It is a beautiful morning, the sun was up early and is casting deep shadows on Mount Guaza, and La Gomera is clear on the horizon. It is coffee on the patio because regardless of the hour it is already 20°C.

Saturday morning and there was a blanket of snow on Teide, hailstones, rain, thunder and lightning causing power cuts in Granadilla, overcast and showers in Callao Salvaje. You can see several images below that were added to Twitter, taken Saturday morning in Teide.

And while I don’t like to brag we had sunshine in Chayofa which lasted nearly all day. Despite temperatures being a bit on the low side at 22°C there were still folk on Las Vistas beach mid-afternoon. It wasn’t until 6.30pm we saw some rain in the village, it was quite heavy and lasted half an hour.

Next week the south is forecast sun, light cloud and the odd showery interval, including today. Puerto de la Cruz those clouds are thicker and the ‘shower’ comments have changed to ‘rain’.

Adeje & Arona

Puerto de la Cruz

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