Benny Runs the extra mile

UPDATE: Following the article below when Benny was going to Gran Canaria to run 18km for the children’s charity Amigos de Gillian Banks, this event was sadly cancelled due to bad weather.

Now after putting in the miles training up in the mountains, this morning Benny completed the III Trial Fuente Alta Vilflor. Once again bad weather seems to be following him but he managed it before the downpours hit.  The money from the previous race as well as the sponsor money from this event is once again going to help the children’s charity.A small selection of photos

A small selection of photos are available here.

We oldies often criticise the youth of today, sometimes it is justified but often not. There are youngsters in our midst, like Benny Rivero Hyde from VA Motors in Las Chafiras that go that extra mile (literally) to help those less fortunate.


Benny is heading to Gran Canaria where this Sunday 12th February he will be taking part in an 18km race for the children’s charity Amigos de Gillian Banks. His mum Sue Hyde who also helps a lot with the charity has been busy collecting sponsors but it would be great if the fabulous people in Tenerife felt they could encourage his efforts further by sponsoring him.

If you want to do this, you can add your name to the sponsor forms in any of the following locations.

  • Santa Maria Estate Agency, San Eugenio (next to Ghandi’s Indian restaurant)
  • Superior Foods in Las Chafiras
  • Clouseaus Bar in Palm Mar

Or contact either Sue Hyde or Sandra Coats on facebook.

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