Teide Cable Car Rescue

Once again, we are in awe of the Canarian emergency services.

Image El dia Sur

The scene unfolded yesterday 15th March at 2:48pm when a malfunction in the pulley system cause the Teleférico del Teide to jam. (As yet the reason is unknown). One cabin was 400m from the lower station, the other 400m from the upper station, there were also people unknowingly enjoying the view at the upper level.

The emergency personnel at the station attempted to restart the cable car but with a limited number of hours of light available the emergency services were contacted and at 3.00pm some 50 employees of the Bomberos de Tenerife, Tenerife Cabildo, National Park teams and volunteers, GES helicopters, ambulances, Guardia Civil, and Red Cross, began the rescue of 250 people.

11 psychologists speaking English, Italian, German, Bulgarian and Romanian with specific training and experience in psychological care in crisis also attended the scene.

With help from the emergency personnel, the people in the car close to the bottom station, descended on foot and were returned to their accommodations right across the island in guaguas provided by Teleférico del Teide. In total 145 people arrived at the base station.

Some people next to the upper station descends on foot towards the lower station by the Montaña Blanca path. Others stayed either at the upper station of La Rambleta at 3,555m or the Altavista Refuge. All were provided with health care, warm clothing, food and were accompanied by security staff.

The night passed without incident at the summit and at 7:30am this morning the evacuation restarted. By 8.00am, the Helicopters GES and guardia civil had already delivered the first evacuations from the refuge and base station safely.

We can only offer the BIGGEST respect to those who ensured our safety in times of need.

The cable car facilities will be closed at least until Saturday, March 19, 2017.

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