Weather 14th March 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

At 7.30am the sun was just waking and hitting the white of Hospital del Sur, which shone blindingly bright. By 8.00am, the sky was overcast, and so far the sun has vanished, but it is warm enough at 19oC. There is still no wind up here and the warning that we were told to expect to be orange today is now yellow. The wind that could have been up to 90km/h has also dropped to 70km/h as have the chances of experiencing it, which are as low as 40%. The warning however also covers high seas so do be careful if you are close to the ocean as any wind combined with the sea could give waves exceeding 4 meters.

Yesterday we waited for the winds under a beautiful cobalt blue sky. I was in  Las Americas turning from gold to silver which always takes several hours but despite the air con the afternoon was hot and temperatures averaged around 27oC. The wind never came, there was little more than a breeze, and the resort at early evening was quiet.

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