The Canary Island Spurge

Foto vía Wikipedia Commons: Lauvila

The Canary Island Spurge (cardón in Spanish) has a certain majestic air – it is elegant and resembles a large candelabra. Although it comes in all shapes and sizes, it can reach a height of three metres and considerable width. It seems to belong to the cactus family, however this is not the case; it is a relative of the tabaiba (euphorbia balsamífera) which is so characteristic of the Islands.

This shrub has spines on its trunks and, when it blossoms in spring, we can observe a reddish fruit on the tips. Care should be taken with its whitish sap, because it is highly toxic. As occurs with other species of our flora, this is a native plant of the Canaries and is protected to avoid extinction. It can be seen in many places, including urban gardens, but we recommend those of the Anaga Rural Park. A curiosity: in northern Tenerife, near Buenavista, there is a place called El Cardón; this is because explorer, Alexander Von Humboldt, was transfixed in 1779 by the immense 150 square metre specimen he found there.


The above  was originally posted Tenerife Express
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