The HUC performs 12 kidney and 9 cornea transplants in February

I’m in no doubt where I want to be should I be ill!

Living donor kidney transplantation in the HUC.

Professionals of the Organ and Tissue Extraction and Transplantation teams of the Hospital Universitario de Canarias (HUC), in Santa Cruz, performed during the month of February 12 kidney transplants, from deceased donors, and 9 corneal transplants. This has been possible thanks to the generosity of four donors from the hospital itself, which enabled the extraction of 8 kidneys, 3 livers and 2 lungs, and two donors from other centres.

The Ministry of Health and Transplant Coordination would like to thank the generosity of the relatives and donors as well as the work of the extraction and transplant teams who have made these operations possible

Activity in 2016

In 2016 87 kidney and 6 kidney-pancreas transplants, making a total of 2,701 renal transplants (2,604 renal and 97 reno-pancreatic) performed in the HUC since the first transplant of this type was carried out in the hospital in 1981.

In 2016, 14 live donor kidney transplants were performed, one of which was a cross-transplant. The basis of this program is the exchange of live kidney donors between two or more couples offering patients with chronic renal failure the possibility of receiving a graft thanks to the generosity of their partner when it is not compatible. The total number of live kidney transplants performed since this technique was started in 2007 is only 85.

In addition, 51 corneas and 43 pieces of osteotendinous tissue were implanted. The HUC has a Tissue Bank that is dedicated to the extraction, processing, storage, quality control, and distribution of tissues such as bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, or membranes, such as sclera and amniotic membrane. This type of transplant is much less well known than that of organs but makes a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for the patients.

Source: Gobierno de Canarias 112
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