Weather 7th March 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

I normally only add the Spanish State Meteorological Agency forecast at the weekend but have included an image below because as the week goes on, you can see we will be seeing some very hot weather. In our area, it could get to 31°C on Thursday and Friday. The rising heat is due to a light calima, so take care, don´t presume because it is ‘only March’ and still winter in most of Europe, that you will be fine. You will burn and burn badly unless you apply plenty of sun protection, and have lots to drink.

At the moment though it is as if a curtain has been pulled over the sun, a thin, lightly flecked veil of cloud but the air is hot and seems dense and heavy.

We went to the north yesterday, leaving Los Cristianos in sunshine, saw some low cloud, hit a spot of heavy mist and then returned late afternoon to more sunshine. Great day shopping, found a couple of bargains and had a quick drool over the sushi in Alcampo. At 5.00pm when we arrived back home temperatures were still 26°C.


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