Rum in the Canary Islands

In order to talk about the history and origins of rum it is absolutely essential to make a special mention to the Canary Islands. The first sugar canes -with which rum is brewed- planted in America were harvested in the Canary Islands and brought to the West Indies in the second voyage of Christopher Columbus to the so-called New World. However, the ones to bring it to the spotlight were the British and the French, since historically the Spanish and the Portuguese have been wine lovers.

During the 17th and 18th centuries it became the most popular and commercial of all alcoholic drinks in the Caribbean, the West Indies and the English colonies of North America. It is also popularly known that it had a great reception among pirates, privateers and sailors in general. The Canary Islands have occupied a prominent place in the rum world industry.

Brands with hundreds of years of history such as Arehucas, Cocal or Guajiro are very well reputed thanks to their long tradition and the extraordinary quality of its raw materials. Ronmiel is a very popular drink in the islands. It was originated in the islands and is a blend of rum, cane brandy and honey.

Ronmiel was typically prepared at houses and at restaurants and was normally served after large meals. Nowadays it is industrially distilled in the islands reaching a yearly production of one and a half million litres – of which only 46,000 are exported-. However it continues to be brewed through an artisan process. This typical liquor has even been awarded with a Protected Designation of Origin.

Without a doubt, rum is deeply rooted in Canarian popular gastronomy and culture since it was first originated. Locals commonly consume it on a regular basis to the date. Visitors should take the opportunity and try a glass of ronmiel mixed with either lemon or lime juice. Cheers.

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4 Responses to Rum in the Canary Islands

  1. Jennie Davies says:

    Thank you so much for this Meryl .. I’ve never been one for alcohol …. But we were out in Tenerife for 4 months last autumn and I got a liking for a nightcap of the Ronmeil honey rum… Recommended to me by a friend. I even bought some back to the Uk to last me through to our next visit!!!

  2. ceejayblue says:

    Had my first Ron Miel on the Costa Del Sol 2 years ago! Oh my its lush, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t drink much 😉 . I can now only seem to get it on line in the UK but its worth it for special occasions 🙂

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