San Miguel de Abona

San Miguel de Abona is a picturesque town in the south of Tenerife, whose origins date back to Menceyato de Abona. It has always been characterized as a town of contrasts, for its beauty and tranquility, with a wide variety of charming corners.

There are many possibilities that are on offer to visitors: tasting local produce, tours of the streets of the old town, which has recently been declared of cultural interest and where travelers can discover places like the First Parish of San Miguel Archangel (built in 1796), the Museo Casa El Capitan (residence of Los Alfonso late nineteenth century), the House of Juan Bethencourt (doctor , historian, anthropologist, ethnographer, teacher and journalist born in 1847), the Blue House (current headquarters and Town Hall ) or the House Four Corners (now Office of Tourism). San Miguel is also in a privileged  location, Costa San Miguel is an ideal place to practice countless outdoor activities, as the municipality has 2 magnificent golf courses, Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf, as well as the La Marina San Miguel, which offers a wide range of underwater and water sports all embraced by the friendliness of its people.

The municipality of San Miguel complements leisure by keeping in touch with nature with several paths surrounded by spectacular scenery, which have become an essential for those who choose to opt for a healthy and active vacation spot. In the highest part of the municipality we will find an orography dotted with a set of volcanic cones that give the landscape a certain complexity. There are long and deep ravines that start at the summit and flow into the coast. In Costa San Miguel there is the Environmental Reserve San Blas, which is of great natural and ethnographic value and the protected space of Yellow Mountain.  Whatever your taste enjoy in San Miguel.

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2 Responses to San Miguel de Abona

  1. Val says:

    Nice little write up about our town but please note that Four Corners (4 Esquinas) is not the tourist information office, it’s a hotel and restaurant. The tourist information office is opposite 4 Esquinas. Thanks!

    • I have eaten in the restaurant Val, and very good it is too. I did wonder about the Tourist Office but as the article (as per the link at the bottom) was from the official Tenerife tourist site (WebTenerife) I assumed they knew better than me. 🙂

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