Stretching to the Sun

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Increasing numbers of people are boarding planes for Tenerife without the usual accoutrements of sun-seekers and beach-goers. They may have a rolled up mat under their arm, but it won’t be for lying on the sand with. It will be for doing yoga practice.

We already know how Tenerife is a winning choice for sportspeople from a variety of disciplines. But recently, the island has become a burgeoning sanctuary for those who wish to extend their physical and spiritual exploration of this ancient discipline in a naturally beautiful setting. From its earliest beginnings in Indian culture, yoga has a long association with places of serenity and loveliness, and there are exotic resorts and spas all over the world which offer a week or a few days of seclusion and sun salutations.

The fact that Tenerife is so close to Britain in terms of flight time, and so reliably temperate, makes it an obvious choice for yogis of all ages and experience. The wide variety of carriers and flights and the huge choice in cheap Tenerife apartments make putting together a short break for the benefit of body and soul an affordable and therapeutic combination.

Tenerife Yoga Retreats For A Rejuvenating Holiday

Two practitioners who have been running Tenerife yoga sessions for many years are Yury Musatov and Rosa Hermans at the Atlantic Holiday centre, based at Callao Salvaje. Classes can be booked here in either yoga, pilates or meditation and they also offer children’s sessions. For a private lesson you only pay 25 euros for an hour, or group classes are 10 euros, and just 7 euros if you take more than one. A stress management programme is also available to unblock the negative energies and strains of modern life and reintroduce harmony, balance and peace of mind.

You do not have to be super fit to undertake a beginners’ course in yoga. As Yury explains, in Hatha yoga, it is not about making the body do what is required of it, but letting individual limitations and possibilities flourish.

With classes taking place outside in sight of the ocean, this is a gentle and non-goal-orientated approach to better health. It is certainly not about getting tied up in knots like a human pretzel, but more about finding a true sense of overall well-being. By sourcing your own cheap Tenerife apartments and booking into a few classes such as these ones, you can practically tailor-make a unique and holistic retreat.

Other Tenerife yoga teachers on the island offer different workshops and retreats, and sometimes these come with accommodation included. The Villa Dhanvantari, for example, is a luxurious Balinese style villa, with wholesome Ayurvedic and macrobiotic cuisines combining to create a total detox experience, alongside their healing treatments and massages.

SunYogaMoon in Playa de las Americas takes the Iyengar tradition in its teachings and is particularly suited to absolute beginners. They don’t allow attendance at their drop-in classes until a proper initiation course has been followed. This costs 60 euros and takes place over three consecutive days for two hours a day. This would be a safe and responsible introduction to the tents of yoga for those who were unsure whether it was for them or not, and still allowing plenty of free time to enjoy other pursuits.

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