There’s no great genius without some touch of ‘Madness’

Here’s something I want to share with you. It has little to do with Tenerife, although maybe it does but by degrees of separation. Nevertheless, as readers of my blog know I do admire talented people, especially artists and by that, I include singers and songwriters as I find it difficult to carry a tune even in the proverbial bucket.

Now this is where the ever so tenuous connection to Tenerife comes in. Our very own Rob who started Tenerife 4 All is also admin for the Mad Chat Group.  As well as having almost 17000 members who are fans of Madness, this group runs charity events.

Their next event is at Dublin Castle in London on 11th March and is for a very worthy cause, a children’s hospice Julia’s House.

While looking for talent they discovered these two buskers when they did a cover of ‘It Must Be Love’. Mad Chat contacted them and asked if they would like to take part and they reluctantly said yes, but there was a slight problem – they only did the ONE TUNE! However, since then they not only have a whole cache of Madness tunes, but they have penned and produced the following.

Have a listen see what you think.

The song pays reference to some 50 of madness’s songs and our own Rob gets a mention in the video write up. A limited run of the CD single will be on sale on March 11th in Dublin Castle with all money going to Julia’s House Hospice.

Not because of this but because it isn´t every day that such homage is paid to musical heroes Rob has contacted Madness management as well as Mike Barson the band’s keyboard player – you never know, this might just be what these two who call themselves The Bed & Breakfast Men need to make them famous too.


For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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